Sierra Space Dream Chaser® Delivered to Florida for Launch Preparation

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Futuramic’s Dream Chaser Transport Cart and Storage Container safely delivered the Sierra Space Dream Chaser to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center for final testing and prelaunch processing. The Transport Cart and Storage Container, designed, engineered, and built by Futuramic, provides the necessary protection and support ensuring the Dream Chaser arrives at its destinations in perfect condition.

“Upon arrival at Kennedy, teams moved Dream Chaser Tenacity to the high bay inside the Space Systems Processing Facility, where it will undergo final testing and prelaunch processing ahead of its launch scheduled for later this year. 

The spaceplane will lift off aboard a ULA (United Launch Alliance) Vulcan rocket from Space Launch Complex-41 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station and is set to deliver 7,800 pounds of cargo to the orbiting laboratory. 
The remaining pre-flight activities at Kennedy include acoustic and electromagnetic interference and compatibility testing, completion of work on the spaceplane’s thermal protection system, and final payload integration” – via NASA

Transporting the Sierra Space Dream Chaser®

Sierra Space Dream Chaser Arrival at KSC

“Teams process Dream Chaser Tenacity, Sierra Space’s uncrewed cargo spaceplane, inside the Space Systems Processing Facility (SSPF) at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Monday, May 20, 2024, following its arrival from the agency’s Neil Armstrong Test Facility in Ohio. Dream Chaser Tenacity will undergo final testing and prelaunch processing inside the high bay of the SSPF ahead of its inaugural launch atop a ULA (United Launch Alliance) Vulcan rocket from nearby Cape Canaveral Space Force Station. The reusable transportation system is contracted to perform a minimum of seven cargo missions to the International Space Station as part of the agency’s efforts to expand commercial resupply services to low Earth orbit” – via NASA Image and Video Library

Futuramic’s Transport Cart And Storage Container

Image credit: Futuramic

Futuramic’s Transport Cart and Storage Container is transportation solution designed, engineered, and manufactured by our expert team to meet the unique needs of the Dream Chaser Spaceplane. Crafted with precision and innovation, this specialized container provides secure and reliable transportation for the Sierra SpaceDream Chaser and aerospace components, ensuring they arrive at their destination in optimal condition. From advanced manufacturing to innovative protective features, Futuramic’s Transport Cart and Storage Container exemplify our commitment to delivering advanced solutions for the aerospace industry.


Sierra Space’s Dream Chaser Spacecraft

The Dream Chaser spaceplane is the first-ever winged commercial spaceplane that will open shared access to space and international collaboration for all humankind. The multi-mission spaceplane fleet is designed to transport crew and cargo to low-Earth orbit (LEO) and can be customized for both domestic and international customers for global operations.

Sierra Space Dream Chaser®

Image credit: Sierra Space

Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center, one of 10 NASA field centers, is a premier multiuser spaceport with more than 90 private-sector partners and nearly 250 partnership agreements. The presence of commercial companies at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center is larger than ever before, enabling us to embark on a new era of space exploration. Although Kennedy is the agency’s main launch site, the center also is home to facilities that research and develop innovative solutions that government and commercial space ventures need for working and living on the surfaces of the Moon and other bodies in our solar system.