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Founded in 1955, Futuramic built its reputation on a commitment to quality, on time delivery, customer service, and competitive prices. As a full-service design and build company, we specialize in taking a customer’s requirements and processing them through design, build, inspection, and installation. Customers benefit from our continuous upgrade of computers, NC machines, CMM inspection equipment, and utilization of our experience within the engineering/build processes.

Edwin - Hamtramck 1955-1959Pinewood - Warren 1959-1973Hall Road - Mt. Clemens 1968-1970Hoover - Warren 1988-1990Stephens - Warren 1991Capital Welding - 8-Mile Road - Southfield 1988-presentFuturamic Build - Gibson- Warren 1973-presentFuturamic Engineering - Gibson- Warren 1996-presentFuturamic Plant 3 - Gibson- Warren 2009-present
Edwin - Hamtramck 1955-1959
Pinewood - Warren 1959-1973
Hall Road - Mt. Clemens 1968-1970
Hoover - Warren 1988-1990
Stephens - Warren 1991
Capital Welding - 8-Mile Road - Southfield 1988-present
Futuramic Build - Gibson- Warren 1973-present
Futuramic Engineering - Gibson- Warren 1996-present
Futuramic Plant 3 - Gibson- Warren 2009-present


Futuramic is committed to the growth, and development, of its associates. We have partnered with Macomb Community College on an apprenticeship program since 1971. This program is continuously reviewed to keep it abreast of the latest technologies. To further associate development after the apprenticeship program Futuramic set up extensive in house training courses. These are specifically designed to ensure that all of our associates are aware of recent developments and processes within the industry. These programs and courses help to create a work environment that is conducive to continuous improvement, high employee retention, and increased productivity. We are able to meet, or exceed, your expectations for quality and delivery as a result of our commitment and dedication.

To meet customer requirements, Futuramic’s highly trained associates always utilize the latest in equipment and technology. This gives us further capability to provide the very best in design, manufacturing, inspection & installation.

1948 Oldsmobile Futuramic Ad

1948 Oldsmobile Futuramic Ad

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24680 Gibson
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24727 Gibson
Warren, MI 48089 USA

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