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Large Scale Space Flight Support

Futuramic is pleased to provide the examples below of space flight tooling. For purposes of this proposal we chose to focus on only the large scale tooling that Futuramic has designed and / or built to support NASA in recent history. There are numerous other examples of aerospace, military and commercial products that Futuramic can provide information on if necessary.

Case Study » FAJ

Project requires a large vertical space? Not a problem

Technical Challenges

The technical challenges related to this tool were overwhelmingly vertical space constraints and crane capacity. This FAJ consists of three removable assembly platforms that disassemble in a “cake box” fashion allowing the tooling to be removed from the finished Engine Section in the limited height environment. The tool does incorporate numerous drill jigs including the 360 holes that create the interface between the Engine Section and the Boattail. Futuramic also built the Boattail FAJ.

  • FAJ
  • FAJ Space Flight
  • Futuramic FAJ

Case Study » OHME / TME

Creating an OHME that was also a positioning fixture

Technical Challenges

This tool takes a completed dome, rounds it to a accuracy of 0.010” then holds it in a round condition and passes it off to the Vertical Assembly Center for welding. The greatest technical challenge was creating a OHME that was also a positioning fixture that is capable of holding a 8.4 meter dome round to within 0.010” while it is rotated 180⁰. Futuramic has had a great deal of experience interfacing tooling with SMPT carts. This tool due to size and weight interfaces with 2 SPMTs for transportation at the MAF site.
  • OHME / TME
  • OHME / TME - Space Flight

Case Study » Friction Welding Tool

uniquely designed to position, manipulate and hold precision components

Technical Challenges

The Circumferential Dome Weld Tool (CDWT) and Gore Weld Tool (GWT) have been uniquely designed to position, manipulate and hold precision components to support friction stir welding of 8.4M dome assemblies for the SLS cryogenic fuel tanks. The sheer size and scale of these tools make them unique in design and function.  We took advantage of lessons learned from the ARES 5.5M dome jigs to advance previous Futuramic designs and incorporate numerous improvements.

One of the unique requirements for the GWT was providing an integral rotating base (turntable) while maintaining system deflection limits. Futuramic partnered with EASOM to develop the turntable.

  • FRICTION WELDING TOOL Space Flight Hardware

The modular clam-shell design of the GWT is unique and in response to lessons learned from the previous ARES LOX Jig design.  The new GWT design maintains the acreage profile of the gore panels throughout the weld process and assures the nominal shape of the gore dome.

Our design also incorporates automated vertical weld seam clamps and associated controls.  This application is unique considering previous design efforts.  The automated clamps are activated by solid-state controls and servo motors capable of applying clamp loads of over 350 lbs/linear inch while being infinitely adjustable.

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