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Skilled Engineers Solve Complex Problems

Engineering Services

Team Effort

We solve complex problems. Our skilled engineers are ready to work with your technical team to provide solutions and support so that your project is built to the highest specification. With the latest tools and a clear line of communication, we’ll anticipate and meet challenges to deliver a high quality product in a timely and efficient manner.

Data Management

We can receive data by:

4mm or 8mm Tape
Floppy Disk
QIC 150 Tape
QIC 120 Tape
DAT Tape

Engineering Services - Data Management

Design, Engineering, and N/C Programming

All Types of Fixture Design
C.M.M. Offline Programming
FEA / Stress Analysis
Manual and CAD Design & Engineering
Mold Design
Research and Development
Shop Floor NC Programming
Tool Instruction and Usage Manuals

Assembly Tool Design (Sub / Full and Final)
CATIA 4.2.4c
Layout and Detail from Original Concept through Release
Propose and Design Complet Programs
Reverse Engineering
Surface Development
Tool Path for Tool and Part Machining

Equipment » Engineering

Engineered to provide the best result

Engineering Equipment

A Collaborative Process

The team at Futuramic has years of engineering experience and will make sure that your job is done right, down to the last specification. We work with you throughout the entire process and apply our expertise to deliver the best results. There simply is no job we can’t handle.

We use the latest in design software, including Catia, Unigraphics, and AutoCAD Mechanical Desktop. Check out our complete equipment list:


AutoCAD Mechanical Desktop
CATIA v5, CAITA 4.4.4
I-DEAS 8.2
Unigraphics 6.2

Futuramic Engineering Services - CAD


Hyper Mill

Futuramic Engineering Services - CAM

Servers and Support

12 servers (Windows, Linux, and Unix). managing data acquisition, storage , translations, DNC, and administration.

All the necessary support equipment such as networking and in-house computer build and repair facilities.

Large supplier support network for structural analysis, testing, and kinematic systems.

Servers and Support Services

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