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Founded in 1955, Futuramic has made a wide variety of assemblies, fixtures, forms, drill jigs, mandrels, tools, etc. with quality that comes from over a half century of being in business. We invest in our growth with the latest tools and skills to service the aerospace, automotive, and military industries.

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Assembly Fixtures

Assembly Fixture 01
Assembly Fixture 02
Assembly Fixture 03
Assembly Fixture 04
Assembly Fixture 05


Automation 01
Automation 02
Automation 03

Drill Jigs

Drill Jig 15
Drill Jig 14
Drill Jig 11
Drill Jig 12
Drill Jig 13
Drill Jig 01
Drill Jig 03
Drill Jig 05

Layup and Trim Fixtures

Layup and Trim Fixture 01
Layup and Trim Fixture 02
Layup and Trim Fixture 03
Layup and Trim Fixture 04
Layup and Trim Fixture 05
Layup and Trim Fixture 0

Production Parts

Production Part 01
Production Part 05
Production Part 06
Production Part 07
Production Part 08
Production Part 09
Production Part 10
Production Part 11

Transportation Tooling

Transportation Tooling 08
Transportation Tooling 07
Transportation Tooling 06
Transportation Tooling 05
Transportation Tooling 01
Transportation Tooling 02
Transportation Tooling 03
Transportation Tooling 04

Work Platforms

Work Platform 01
Work Platform 02
Work Platform 03
Work Platform 04
Work Platform 05
Work Platform 06
Work Platform 07
Work Platform 08


When quality and on-time delivery matters, trust Futuramic to build it for you.