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Inspection and Installation Services

Checked with laser accuracy

Every project is checked and checked again, all with laser precision. You can be assured that we build to the highest specification. But inspection is just one part of the finishing services we provide. We are capable of doing installations on site with our mobile machine trailer, equipped with all the tools necessary to complete the job. It’s another example of our commitment to providing excellent service, start to finish.

Inspection Services

Inspection Services

Laser Inspection
C.M.M. Certifications
Third Party Inspection
Theodolite Inspection
Welding Certification

Laser Inspection Services - CMM
Installation Services

Installation Services

Onsite Training
Mobile Machine Trailer
Laser Tracker and Third Party Certification

Futuramic's Mobile Machine Trailer

Randy Schafer & Ken Ellington, Boeing

Boeing appreciates Futuramic’s outstanding performance on the 787AJ.

How we helped on the 787AJ