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Skilled program managers produce successful jobs

Program Management

Managed Success

While absolute ‘control tools’ ensure a program’s success, control tools aren’t enough. Critical to the process are experienced and skilled program managers. Every job at Futuramic is assigned a program manager and a plant superintendent. Our program managers assumes responsibility to manage the work as if they were on a client’s payroll and the plant superintendent acts the ‘fail safe’ stop gap in support.

Minimize Problems

Almost every program has challenges. Futuramic’ minimizes issues through proactive management. We utilize ‘look-ahead’ warning devices and the program manager develops proactive, corrective action plans in case of potential problems.

Engage Customers

In conjunction with overall program management, Futuramic encourages on-site customer personnel. We welcome customer interaction, especially on design and build programs where there is no pre-established IPT Team to communicate with the engineering, planning, methods, tooling, and purchasing groups. We want to ensure your needs are met.

Open Communication

For job success, lines of communication are critical. Futuramic supports electronic reporting through the use of Microsoft Project, the industry standard, in conjunction with any customer-generated reporting system. Additionally, we have selected a prime Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) supplier for this activity support, along with the Futuramic website.

Complete Program Control

At Futuramic, the program manager, on-site liaison, and Electronic Data Interchange, are a part of the tools available to our customers for complete program control.

Janet Duffy & Dan Pleshko, Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin identifies Futuramic as a top performing supplier.