NASA Completes Welding of Artemis III Core Stage Tank Dome

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Completed Dome being removed from the Circumferential Dome Welding Tool (CDWT) designed and built by Futuramic

Futuramic’s tooling for NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) was used to complete the welding of the Artemis III core stage liquid oxygen tank dome at NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility. Many Futuramic tools helped complete this job and included the Dome Rounding Tool, Overhead Lift Equipment, Gore Weld Tool, Circumferential Weld … Read More

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Futuramic AdminNews

Over the last five years Futuramic has made numerous friction stir weld tools, assembly tools, platforms, overhead lift devices and structural simulators for use by The Boeing Company in the construction of NASA’s Space Launch System rocket at the NASA Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans, Louisiana (MAF). Many of … Read More