NASA Rolls out the SLS Rocket for it’s Inaugural Launch

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NASA’s Space Launch System started its first journey into space with a slow crawl ahead of it’s Artemis I launch attempt on Aug. 29 at 8:33am ET. The final rollout was moved up a day early to the evening of August 16th. Futuramic was at the NASA’s Kennedy Space Center … Read More

We are a Supplier for Space Exploration

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Futuramic had the privilege to help supply footage of our skilled work force and advanced manufacturing facilities for Northrop Grumman‘s new video produced for this years SLS/Orion/EGS Suppliers Conference. We are proud of our contributions and those of all the American supplier companies supporting NASA‘s Space Launch System rocket, Orion … Read More

Jobs Across America – Suppliers for Space Exploration

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Futuramic was honored supply footage of our advanced manufacturing facilities and dedicated associates for  this years SLS/Orion/EGS Suppliers Conference video. Produced by Artemis partner Jacobs, the video is a great showcase  highlighting the Artemis program and the suppliers across America working together to make it possible. “The first step in … Read More