Futuramic Inspires Future “Makers” at Manufacturing Day 2016

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Futuramic Tool and Engineering has welcomed future “makers” to their Warren and Detroit locations in celebration of Manufacturing Day 2016. The event is part of a national initiative to raise awareness and inspire the next generation of manufacturers. Students currently enrolled in design, robotics, and technical career classes joined leadership and staff for interactive tours of both state-of-the-art Futuramic facilities. Students from Lakeview High School and Davis Aerospace and Technical School at Golightly Career and Technical Center were offered an insightful experience – a day in the life of modern manufacturing. Educators, parents and job seekers were in attendance to learn more about how the industry impacts their families and the community. Distinguished guests, Senator Gary Peters and Councilman Scott Benson, addressed the group and showed support while discussing the diverse career opportunities in Manufacturing and participated in facility tours.

Manufacturing Day aims to reshape the image of the industry, stressing the need for skilled labor and highlighting the benefits and value of a career that is truly what you make it. Futuramic has a history of innovation, named after the vintage Oldsmobile, and is currently on the forefront of space exploration – helping to build NASA’s most powerful rocket for their mission to Mars.

Manufacturing in Michigan has seen a significant reduction in skilled labor that has impacted growth for many Michigan-based companies. Futuramic is a founding member of the Manufacturing Day committee and continues to work closely with the Macomb & Wayne County Economic Development Committees, Macomb & Wayne County Schools and Technical Colleges to promote career opportunities and close the skills gap for future manufacturers.



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