New Addition: Leica Absolute Tracker AT-901LR T-Probe System

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Futuramic recently added the Leica Absolute Tracker AT-901LR T-Probe System to its Inspection Department.

Leica-Absolute-Tracker-AT-901Leica Absolute Tracker AT901

The Leica Absolute Tracker AT901 is ideal when ‘up-close’ measurement isn’t an option. It is equipped with PowerLock vision technology which automatically locks onto any moving target – no more worrying about broken beams. It locks on to the target as soon as it is within view of the sensor.

The AT901 laser tracker sets the benchmark for large scale precision measurements such as windmill blade inspection, aerospace components or industrial machinery alignment. Options allow it to support hand-held wireless probing, hand-held contactless scanning, and full machine control abilities. It can also be used with a standard corner cube, which enables the measurement volume to go past 525 ft.

Leica-Absolute-Tracker-T-Probe-SystemLeica T-Probe

The Leica T-Probe is a “Walk-Around” armless wireless device to probe hidden, hard-to-reach points. It offers a ten-fold increase in point acquisition rate while maintaining the highest precision.

The T-probe is small, light, user-friendly, and more accurate than any other hand-held probe.