Forward Skirt for Artemis IV’s Core Stage Moves to Next Phase of Production

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Crews at NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans lift the forward skirt of a core stage that will power NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) rocket out of the Vertical Weld Center Sept. 16, 2022. The forward skirt will be used for NASA’s Artemis IV mission. The hardware houses flight computers, cameras, and avionics systems for the SLS rocket. The SLS core stage is made up of five unique elements: the forward skirt, liquid oxygen tank, intertank, liquid hydrogen tank, and the engine section. When fully stacked, the forward skirt is located at the top of the 212-foot-tall core stage and connects to the upper part of the rocket. The core stage and its four RS-25 engines provide more than 2 million pounds of thrust to help power NASA’s next-generation lunar missions” – via

Michoud Assembly Facility

Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans is a world-class manufacturing facility providing vital support to NASA exploration and discovery missions. Michoud is NASA-owned and managed for the agency by the Marshall Space Flight Center. Michoud’s capabilities include the manufacture and assembly of critical hardware components for exploration vehicles under development at Marshall and other NASA centers.